North American Palladium

We are a Canadian mining company producing for over 25 years at our Lac des Iles Mine northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario employing more than 700 people. Our mine features a unique ore body, modern infrastructure, advanced underground technologies and a world-class exploration portfolio. Since 2015, our new senior management team has led both an operational and financial turnaround, boosting production, reaching profitability and enhancing shareholder return. As of January 2019, the business proved both its value and capacity through seven consecutive quarters of production growth, revenue generation and significant, positive cash flow. We are currently ramping up to 12,000 tonnes per day to become one of the largest underground mines in Canada and positioning ourselves as a low-cost, long-term, sustainable palladium producer.


85% of palladium produced ends up in catalytic convertors in automotive gasoline engines.

Significant factors contributing to growing palladium demand include:


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