PALDF (OTC Pink): $ 3.99 +0.00 +0% Volume: 1,000 March 27, 2017
PDL (TSX): $ 5.20 +0.00 +0% Volume: 106 March 28, 2017
PALLADIUM: $ 794.05 -4.70 -0.59% Volume: March 28, 2017
PLATINUM: $ 958.05 -14.45 -1.49% Volume: March 28, 2017


North American Palladium recognizes that environmental management and the protection of the environment are among the highest corporate priorities at all stages of our operations.

We are dedicated to:

  • Recognizing environmental management as one of the highest corporate priorities, and integrating these considerations into all mine operations and closures.
  • Monitoring environmental performance through vigorous testing and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Instilling the ethics of environmental awareness and responsibility through education and communication with employees, contractors and suppliers.
  • Remaining current with permitting and licensing requirements, any changes to environmental regulations and evolving government guidelines.
  • Working to minimize the effects of mining with the goal of restoring disturbed areas and ecosystems to wildlife/recreation Crown land use.
  • Ensuring that each operation has a formal environmental management system.
  • Providing adequate and appropriate resources to ensure environmental compliance.
  • Identifying the potential for accidents, while maintaining emergency response plans in order to prevent and mitigate the environmental impacts that may be associated with them.


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